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“Worked As Advertised”

(100% Satisfied customer)
In reply to your message, I searched using ''Flat screen TV speaker deflector'' without quotation marks and you were the second vendor from the top on a Google Search Engine.
I also viewed your video in the process and upon contacting you or your representative, was afforded a fast response let alone a response at all on a Sunday.
After helping me choose the right component as well as determining my 2 speaker system was not a 4 speaker system as I first implied, I ordered a pair which seems to have gone into the process of shipping them to me at the soonest possible time, received them today, installed them and they work as advertised.
A very easy installation and color match [Black] is perfect looking like it is part of the original TV.
One side note I'll mention is the room behind the wall the Flat Screen TV is mounted to has gotten quieter, something noticed but never considered a benefit of these devices prior to purchase..
Consider me a 100% satisfied customer..
Thank you for all of your help and advice,
— John Ryan


“Economical Solution.”

I’ve installed the SOUNDVERTER on my living room television and can’t believe what a difference it makes! Whereas I used to have to turn the volume up to 35-40 in order to hear clearly, the SOUNDVERTER clearly relays the audio at a 16-20 level…amazing! I guess television companies don’t have a good reason to fix their inherent design flaws as it helps them sell more expensive sound bars, but I’m extremely gratified and thrilled that I was able to solve the problem with such an economical solution.

I’ve attached a photo of the SOUNDVERTER’S installed on my television. It’s great that the SOUNDVERTER’S are in black so that it blends in with the rest of the television.


“Amazing Reception.”
This is my second order. I received the first today within 3 days. Great service. Easy installation 5 minutes.. Amazing reception. Much better than the $80 sound-bar I had. The voice reception is clear, un-garbled.

Amazing, I imagine my son and daughter will be customers soon. Thanks so much. Have to get used to the lower volume at least 50% below what I considered normal and still unclear reception.

The one I order today is going on my 55" TCL in the Living Room that blasts throughout the house. Thanks for a great product.

— Donald

“Get Rid of the Old Sound Bar”

Typical volume in our TV room was between 25 - 39, after installation of the Soundverter Turboscoops, the volume is now perfect between 11 - 29!!! ... and it was nice to get rid of the old sound bar under the TV.

I have set our TV to custom settings adjusting the bass and treble to where it sounds as good as or better than the sound bar we had.!!!

- Marcus

“Sound Level Increase”

These were attached to an RCA 24" LED LCD 1080p TV.

Sound level increased greatly, allowing volume level to be reduced at least 25%. Also, more balanced sound- better bass, less strident highs.

Great job!

These were attached to a Visio 32" LED LCD 1080p Model E-32c TV.

As with the earlier model: Sound level increased greatly, allowing volume level to be reduced at least 25%. Also, more balanced sound- better bass, less strident highs.

Great job again!

“Hearing Impaired”

Hello again for the UK,
Many thanks for your replies to my queries,the scoops are now installed!
Also many thanks to the USPS for their brilliant tracking information,most impressed.

I decided to try these after getting a new TV, great picture and lousy sound,I am slightly hearing impaired and speech on the new TV was awful. After a few trials with sound bars I decided they did not help my problem and trawled the internet for ANY possible solution and came across Soundverters,the physics seemed logical and the price was good so I went for it!

Fitting was a little tricky as my TV is not on a pedestal stand but a frame (its a Panasonic 40”) but they were installed with no modifications needed. I fitted one at a time with the sound set at just audible to me and then switched between L and R channel,the fitted one giving a definite improvement. After fitting both I then found speech much improved and at a volume setting of 32 instead of 45, which is where I had to set it to hear speech clearly BEFORE I installed them.
This has proved to be a great product ,for me anyway, and I would recommend them for anyone who has slight hearing problems and downward facing TV speakers…really pleased!

Once again,thank you for your super service and an excellent product,you really need a UK agent so we can all have a chance of getting them easily in Britain.

Panasonic TX-40 FS500b.

Kind regards

"Better than the $80.00 Vizio Soundbar"

The Soundverters arrived today one day ahead of the estimated time of arrival. I have installed the Soundeverters. As before very easy to install. My TCL 55" was on the wall in our television room. I put a small mirror under the set located the speakers and installed both Soundverter in under 5 minutes. They really noticeably improved the speech which was distorted. I had the sound set at about 19. Usually we set it up to around 31 or higher and the speech was still garbled. Really a great improvement. My 32" is also improved and much better than the $80.00 Vizio Soundbar. The newly designed SOUNDVERETER TURBOSCOOPS also look great. But you have to look for them.

Thank you very much for the new model.

Thanks again